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Bon Wed is a full coordination wedding planning business where we combine style and professional organization together to make your wedding day exquisite. Let's celebrate the "bon" love. 


meet lindsay

Hello! Welcome to Bon Wed! Celebrating the good or "bon" love. I'm Lindsay! Here to make your wedding day as good as your love is. 

San Diego, California is my home and the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii is my home away from home. I grew up planning every party and fundraiser I could, from planning high school dances, to planning prom, to planning my own wedding and others' weddings. It brings me such joy to infuse your love into an amazing day that celebrates the two of you. 

Completing my formal education in Hawaii, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Cultural Studies with an Emphasis in Communication and Culture where I grew an interest and love for so many cultures. I am inspired by the ocean, colors, and fashion all around me. You can find me munching on green olives and chocolate but obviously not together. I love food, sunshine, and spending time with my husband and son.

I love the thrill and joy of interpreting a couple's dream and turning it into a well-designed and organized event. Looking forward to meeting you and working together to plan your wedding day!